Cold End Coating Systems

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Vidromecanica designs over-belt and under-belt cold end coating equipments for the glass industry.

Lehr belt width up to 6,0 meters


This equipment provides glass container cold-end coating treatment, spraying glass containers with a dissolved polyethylene wax emulsion, thus creating an external coating on the glass container with good sliding capacity.


 -  Strong portic frame.
 -  Bridge with transverse sliding guides for the spray gun trolley. The spray gun has lengthwise displacement, which is automatically synchronized with belt speed.
  Spraying precision between rows of bottles.
 -  Transversal and longitudinal motions made by SEW motor reducer with position control.
 -  Spray-gun manual height regulation and automatic lift when passage of the spray-gun between rows is obstructed.
  Pneumatic spray-gun control equipment.
 -  Electric panel with PLC, frequency inverter and PC connection.

Operation: Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic.


This equipment provides cold end spray coating of glass containers from under the lehr belt, to provide a surface layer to allow easy handling of the glass articles. This method of spraying may be used with overhead spraying to provide additional continuous coating of bottles, or when used alone, to avoid entry of the spray mixture into the jar or bottle.

Lehr belt width up to 6,0 meters


Bridge under the lehr belt conveyor equipped with sliding guides for spray gun trolley

Spray gun trolley with vertically set up spray guns

Pneumatic set up for spray guns

Control panel with transversal speed adjustment by frequency inverter

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